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Guizhou Zerophos Chmeical Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred as Zerophos) is a private enterprise, specilized in processing of phosphorus chemicals and phosphorus technology development, and marketing services, located in Jinyang High-tech Zone, Guiyang city of Guizhou Province in China.


As a phosphorus chemicals business, have their own resources is fundamental to long-term development, especially in today's the phosphorus resources are increasingly scarce situation, and who have the resources who will get a strong competitive power. Therefor, Zerophos company is deep understanding the resource of phosphorus it is a precious.


In order to enhance the core competitive power of the company, Zerophos has already high-quality of phosphate rock has 30 million tons located in Kaiyang county of Guiyang city, and aluminum ore has 10 million tons located in Zhijin County of Guizhou.


According to the phosphorus resource advantages, At present, the annual production capacity of Feed Grade Dicalcium Phosphate 100,000.000 tons, Feed Grade Monocalcium Phosphate 50,000.000 tons, Feed Grade Monodicalcium Phosphate 50,000.000 tons, special phosphorus chemicals 20,000.000 tons including Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Ammonium Phosphate and so on.


Zerophos company as a attaches great importance to technological innovation, at present, they are to expand the technical team, Its purpose is to want resources plus technology combination together, and maximize the value of the industrial chain through the operation of capital and marketing, and with our partners mutual benefit and win-win.


And meantime Zerophos as a have high ideals enterprise, Zerophos highly respect for every employee's value, and highly appreciate them for the development of the company hard working long time, and giving them reward. we welcome everyone those who interested in the phosphorus chemicals industry colleagues to join our team, Let us work together to achieve “The excellent and comprehensive Phosphate Chemical supplier worldwide” hand in hand to go forward.


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